KiiOui Pet Store Brand Ambassador Program

We are looking for fresh furry faces to become Brand Ambassadors for KiiOui Pet Store!

Personal Discount Code

Get a custom, personalized discount code just for you and your fur-baby!

Sharable Discount Code

Get your own discount code to share with your friends and followers!

Free Products

Earn free products and additional discounts when your discount code is used!

Brand Ambassadors:

We are looking to build relationships with ambassadors who love and embody KiiOui’s style and want to grow with the brand! As an ambassador, you will receive many perks, including:

  • 30% off KiiOui Pet Store items for life.
  • A customized 20% off discount code to share with your friends and followers.
  • FREE PRODUCTS! Every 10 times your code is used, earn a free item of your choice from our store!
  • Opportunities to be featured on our Instagram, Facebook & Website.
  • Early access to all of our NEW product drops & releases.


  • You've got to love Instagram and Facebook! If you only post once a month, this probably isn't for you.
  • You must have an active, public social media account for your pet with at least 300 followers and 2+ posts per week OR a personal social media account where you post your pet and 2+ posts per week with your pet, with at least 500 followers.
  • Our brand ambassadors have to actually love our brand! You must follow us on Instagram/Facebook @kiiouipetstore. We will not even look at applications if they don't follow us on Instagram/Facebook.
  • Own at least 1 KiiOui Pet Store item (no restrictions!). If you just placed the order but it hasn’t arrived yet, please include the order number in your application!


  • Promote KiiOui Pet Store with at least 1-2 Instagram posts per month – you must tag us in your picture, with your pet wearing KiiOui Pet Store merchandise.
  • Promote KiiOui Pet Store on your Instagram /Facebook Stories at least 3 times per month (2 stories must be your original content, 1 story can be shared from the KiiOui Pet Store Instagram/Facebook account).
  • Please Keep Your Account(s) Public!
  • Our ambassadors are expected to take high-quality, highly engaging photos, share their ambassador code, & engage with our social media…but most importantly, HAVE FUN!

KiiOui Pet Store's Brand Ambassador Program Application

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